Morimoto Sushi: ‘Everybody Look at Me, I’m on a Boat!’

Photo: Zerve

If you missed the “A$$holes on a Yacht” party last night, here’s another opportunity for you. This year, Classic Harbor Line Yachts is hosting a Morimoto Sushi & Sake Sunset Sail. For $105, you can sample sake and Morimoto sushi (prepared just minutes before boarding!) while cruising New York Harbor on an 80-foot schooner. It’s a two-hour tour, but if you’re looking to be an a-hole on a yacht, take note of this disclaimer: “We will serve a few rounds, but it is not an unlimited booze-cruise. We aim to create an elegant, relaxing, peaceful, and safe experience for all of our guests.” Also note: Santana Champ will not be served.

Morimoto Sushi & Sake Sunset Sail of the NY Harbor [Zerve]