Live From Midtown: Kogi Truck Coming to New York by End of Summer


It’s a little past noon and the Kogi truck has just started serving! We have a couple of correspondents on the scene — one of them, the aforementioned Jason Wishnow, sends us the photo at left. And our own Molly Finkelstein sends us another snapshot of a truck employee taking a photo of the line and yelling, “ARE YOU HUNGRY?” For lunch today: Kimchi quesadillas and chocolate mousse with peanut-butter center, plus caramel popcorn. At 11:30 a.m. there were only about 25 people in line, but that quickly grew, and now this from YummyintheCity’s Twitter: “At kogi truck on 55th and lex. Line reminds me of the theory sample sale lines.” And from WinedandDined: “The line is at least 200 deep at Dessert/Kogi Truck” and “Truck is at northeast corner of 55th and lex and line stretches all the way down to 3rd ave.” Also from our correspondent: “The lady in charge says they hope to open officially in ny by end of summer. This is their gift to ny.” Stay tuned here as we continue to update.

12:12 p.m. From WinedandDined: “More Kogi Koverage--Midtown Restaurant on 55th b/t lex & 3rd handing out menus & samples to people in line in hopes food runs out.” And this heartbreaker from SweetBlogoMine: “Line is moving, but it's a race against the clock.” FoodinMouth is opting out: “That kogi line is unbelieveable. No thanks.” Here’s a shot of the food — decide for yourself.

1:12 p.m. And your denouement, from ten minutes ago: “The people in charge are telling the crowd of bloggers to start a petition to Bloomberg to help them get their permits to officially open here.” Welcome to New York, kids. Now leave!