Line Starts Here: Kogi Korean BBQ Truck Pops Up in Midtown in Just Three Hours


We already knew that L.A.s cult-favorite Kogi Korean BBQ-to-Go truck was due to make an appearance at tonights pricey Citymeals-on-Wheels fund-raiser, Street and Savory, but according to the trucks website, its also making a surprise cheapo stop in midtown: ItLL be the Dessert Truck parked out on Lexington and 55th, but once those doors fLip open, it shaLL be the KoGi crew on the inside. WeLL be there from noon-1PM and then POOF! were outta there. (We have no idea why all those Ls are capitalized must be a West Coast thing.)

The Kogi post says Dessert Truck/Kogi combo plates will be priced at $1 to $2 (and Top Chef Lee Ann Wong will be helping to make them!), but a Citymeals press release puts the plates at $4, as does the Dessert Truck's site. Only 200 will be served, meaning youre going to want to heed the e-mail we got from L.A. transplant Jason Wishnow (subject line !!!!!!!!): we need to be really really really early. (And Wishnow knows a thing or two about lines.)

Before you dive into this nosh pit, remember the truck is plotting a New York operation, so you may just want to sit tight for now and watch the drama unfold from afar. Well have reports throughout the day, and in the meantime ponder this comment left on the Kogi trucks post: Kogi will unfortunately fail in NYC, only because New Yorkers hate everything thats associated with Los Angeles (except the weather, lol).