KFC Is Sued for Giveaway Debacle, Makes Nifty T-Shirts

Photo: Sun-Sentinel

A complete and total idiot Los Angeles man is suing KFC for that grilled-chicken fustercluck, claiming that because of their free giveaway, he and his fellow freeloaders incurred “travel costs, paper and printing costs, postage, the money they spent on other food items at KFC on visits when they had intended to redeem the Coupon … and the loss of the value of the promised Meal.” Oh, KFC. Maybe they’ll be able to bounce back from this with merchandising! According to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, fashion designers are currently being solicited for designs that will no doubt turn out as hip and happenin’ as those Burger King tees. And speaking of weird food-fashion crossover, the Daily News reports that Local 138 has named some cocktails after designers like Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch. Now if only they’d name a drink after Kai Kuhne — the sort of mind scrambler that causes you to rip down bathroom doors and pee all over the place