Keep the Tavern on the Green?

Photo: Courtesy of Tavern on the Green

The owner of Tavern on the Greeen is using yo-yos, buttons, and bracelets to gain public support for its upcoming license renewal. Jennifer LeRoy, who took over the iconic restaurant in 2001 after her father’s death, hopes a PR campaign will keep competitors like Seth Greenberg of Capitale and Dean J. Poll of the Central Park Boathouse from getting a piece of the profitable tourist destination. In addition to starting a website that invites customers to share their thoughts about the restaurant (Keep Tavern on the Green), Leroy has proposed some changes to the restaurant as part of her license application. The most significant would “remove the restaurant’s Crystal Room from its current location facing Central Park, restoring the facade to its original configuration,” City Room reports. The restaurant would also get a new kitchen, and the patio would be refurbished.

Tavern on the Green Seeks Public’s Support [City Room/NYT]