Joe Doe Coda: “You Will Make Me Famous, and for That I Love You Little Bloggers”

Photo: Courtesy of JoeDoe

Eater’s link to our interview with Joe Dobias caused an outpouring of comments similar to the ones on Grub Street, and one of them came from Joe Doe himself:

you guys are true to form at eater. Read nymag before you glance material for your bloodbath. Thanks for all the comments. I assure you you will make me famous and for that I love you little bloggers sticking together. “thick as thieves right!?” Just an FYI I cleary said I was not of the level of dainel nor chef hamilton ….. still only see what you want to see. I am proud of my nonconformist style and mt “silly names” are obviously offending the grand culinary palletes at eater! THanks for the coverage. Funny how we couldn’t ever get you guys to pay attention and now you love us, well some hate us, but HEY THANKS GUYS! F Eater

Rest assured Joe Doe doesn’t hate all bloggers — tonight he’s providing food (along with Van Leeuwen, Mama’s, Cupcake Stop, and others) for a private launch party for the Young and Hungry, which had nice things to say about his brunch back in May.

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