JE Englebert Banned From His Own ‘Disco’ at Tavern on the Green

Gordon von Broock lays down the law.
Gordon von Broock lays down the law. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Gordon von Broock, the former owner of Hamptons club Tavern, tells us he’s “furious” about John Englebert’s claim that he’s turning Tavern on the Green’s garden into a Thursday-night “disco.” Von Broock backs up the story we heard from a Tavern on the Green rep, that he and his brother Erik are the ones in charge of the Thursday-night party, which he describes as “an early thing” that winds down by 11:30 p.m. “It’s not a bottle service type of environment,” says von Broock. So why did JE send out one of his trademark “mess releases”? (That’s what we’re calling botched press releases — just go with it.) “I’ve never met JE, and I’ve been in this industry for a long time. It’s a complete self-promotion thing that he’s doing. He wanted to invite people down through someone we know, and we said sure — we have other people doing the same thing. He took it to the next level and created this whole thing like it’s his thing.” Okay, so Englebert isn’t throwing the party, but will he at least be welcome there, along with his friends? “Definitely not. Absolutely not,” says von Broock. Hmmm — might want to think twice about dropping JE’s name at the door.

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