Highbrow Despicable? The Michael Jackson Wine Pairing


Foodies might’ve been initially confused about the loss of Michael Jackson (didn’t the Beard Award–winning beer guru pass away a couple of years ago?), but once it dawned that the King of Pop was gone, the industry wasted no time reacting. Chef Herb Wilson: “I remember being in DC visiting my Brother @ Howard, in my Dad’s brand new Benz, hearing ‘Billie Jean’ for the first time, that intro …” Gael Greene: “Remembering wild, sensuous disco nights dancing to Michael … feeling young and unstoppable and irresistible even if it was mostly fantasy.” No doubt Jacko was playing in many kitchens, and dining rooms too — Metromix New York heard “Off the Wall” blasting at Mini Bar, and Jason Strauss tweeted, “We just did a MJ tribute at Tao …. The crowd went nutz.” 1Oak even went to the trouble of drawing up a flyer inviting its mailing list to “remember the times” last night. (It don’t matter if you’re black or white, as long as you don’t come with too many dudes?) And City Winery honcho Michael Dorf was torn: “Is it wrong to create a memorial to MJ with wine and charge $? People want to hear his music and be together. I am not giving it away for 0.” Well, the Dorfman figured it out, because according to an e-flyer we just received, tonight there will indeed be a Michael Jackson Tribute Pairing that may or may not feature Jesus juice. Check out the incredible selling copy.

City Winery will celebrate Michael Jackson’s career with a mix of music and wine by paying homage with a wine pairing — listening to 25 of his classic songs with wines paired with 5 eras of his music. As Michael has touched the entire world with his music, City Winery brings its own special way to honor him with loud music from the venue’s concert sound system accompanied by 5 selected wines for this once-in-a-lifetime memorial. Starting with a toast to the King of Pop, to a young period with the Jackson 5, smooth textures, developing into deep and complex personalities, and funky tastes. Michael Jackson’s flavors will be lingering in our minds and age for long after he is gone.

You know, the Led Zeppelin pairing was kind of funny, but this is a little much.