Greene Grape’s Marketing Strategy: *%$&ing Wine and Feeling Fine

Photo: Courtesy of the Greene Grape

Where wine is concerned, we thought the juice boxes at Xie Xie were the most delightfully déclassé thing we’d see all week, but then there’s the matter of the Greene Grape’s “Pink in a Box” special: $16 for a 1.5 liter box of Domaine de Coudoulis rosé. As you can see, someone at either the Manhattan or Brooklyn store had some fun going Justin Timberlake on the box (which contains an airtight bag so the wine can be quaffed for weeks after opening). Per an e-mail accompanying the image: “The model wants you to know that the spout is larger than it appears in this picture. Rosé is chilled, you know.” Wow. Just, wow.