Finally, Your Chance to Work for the Supervisor of the Martians

Thomas Harlan is now hiring.
Thomas Harlan is now hiring. Photo: Melissa Hom

No, being a line cook at Spice Market (and helping Vongerichten win back those stars) isn’t the most exciting opportunity on Craigslist. That would be this:

Mars 2112 is a theme restaurant is seeking actors and actresses for interactive acting. Please contact Thomas M Harlan @ tomharlan@inorbit to set up and appointment to audition please bring a head shot and resume and a one min. monolouge. If you cannot audition please send your resume and head shot to: Thomas M. Harlan Supervisor of the Martians @ Mars 2112

Want to be the next Dr. Mars? Compensation: $10 an hour. Opportunity to hit on Princess Glorianna over post-shift Marstinis: priceless.