Feedbag Thinks Di Fara Slice Isn’t Greasy Enough

Photo: Okreitz’s Flickr page

The Feedbag’s last meals are always amusing, to say the least (typical tweet: “Craftsteak beef jerky I just found in my pocket. Excellent!”), but we’re a little dumbstruck at a description of a weekend Di Fara stop-in: “Four slices (!) were still available, and these we took home and dressed with Fairway Greek Koroneiki olive oil, my new grease-crush.” Wait, you put more olive oil on a Di Fara slice? That’s like buying Di Palo porchetta and wrapping it in bacon (don’t get any ideas … ). Last time we were at Di Fara, we spent half of our time stuffing our gullets and the other half letting olive oil drip to the sidewalk, much as we love the stuff. And yet we still felt like we had just gotten an olive-oil facial. (There’s a Walgreens across the street that probably does a swift Wet-Nap business.) Even Alan Richman said basta. Anyway, we now know the ’bag was 100 percent genuine in defending the slice