Emma Cleary May Be Out at the Mott

Photo: Patrick McMullan

We’ve heard from a source close to the Mott that investors have pushed Emma Cleary out of the restaurant she’s been working to open for over two years. When we attempted to confirm this through the Mott’s new PR company (the old one is no longer involved), we received the following statement from an anonymous insider: “We do not have a successor named yet, but I can confirm that Emma was terminated from the project. She’s not an active participant in this project anymore.” Asked whether this was indeed the case and when the restaurant would open, Cleary told us, “I can’t comment on whether it’s opening or not — we are having legal disputes and I can’t comment any further.” (Cleary is, of course, still listed as a principal of Mott Group Ltd. on the liquor license.) Needless to say, the Mott won’t be opening July 3 as OpenTable indicated — those involved in the project are still tweaking the menu and décor and are aiming to launch next Wednesday. The downstairs lounge has been put on hold, meaning one of the city’s storied bar spaces will remain in limbo.