Dog Fight: Chicago’s Superdawg Sues Super Hot Dog

Photo: Fuzzy Gerdes/Flickr

We hate to see a budding restaurateur smacked with a lawsuit just a week after opening, but then again we love any excuse to throw up a photo of Superdawg’s lovable hot-dog mascots. When Danny Omari was set to open his MacDougal Street hot-dog stand, we pointed out that the name at the time (Superdog) reminded us of Chicago institution Superdawg. Sure enough, according to Crain’s Chicago, Superdawg sent a couple of cease-and-desist letters, and even though Omari has changed the name to Super Hot Dog, they filed a lawsuit on Monday. Who else would pay to see Super Hot Dog’s super-wiener in a cage match against Maurie and Flaurie?

Crain’s Chicago via MenuPages Chicago