Did You Ever Work for Jean-Georges Vongerichten? Cash in Now!

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Did you work at a Jean Georges Vongerichten restaurant between September 2, 2001 and February 11, 2008? If so, you may be entitled to a share of a class-action settlement. Back in 2007, several former employees alleged that staff at several Vongerichten restaurants:

(1) systematically altered hourly employees’ time cards so as not to reflect all fo the time they actually worked, (2) illegally retained portions of employees’ tips by allowing non-tipped service, such as managers and/or other employees who do not provide direct customer service, to share in the tip pool, (3) failed to pay their employees minimum and overtime wages, and (4) failed to pay New York State’s spread of hours premium.

According to documents provided to Grub Street by a former Spice Market waiter (and reproduced below as a PDF), the parties settled for $1,750,000. A few lucky plaintiffs will receive $26,000. Legal fees eat up another $585,000, leaving $1,140,667 for you. “In general, the longer you worked for Defendants, the more money you will receive,” the documents intone. Start searching for those pay stubs!

Notice of Settlement [PDF]