Danny Meyer Judges the Best Hot Dogs for Your Grill; Where to Drink Outdoors

Photo: Mark Peterson

It’s summer in this week’s magazine, so bring on the hot dogs and outdoor drinking. Danny Meyer tells us which grilled supermarket hot dog tastes like the “fried salami I used to have growing up in St. Louis,” as well as which ones to skip, in a taste test with Blue Smoke’s Kenny Callaghan and Public Fare’s Robb Garceau. Adam Platt ranks the top five exotic restaurant wieners, including Fatty Crab’s Asian-fusion dog and the Elettaria chili dog. Pair your dog with a drink alfresco using our guide to the city’s outdoor drinking spaces. Woodstock may have been 40 years ago, but the urban hippie is alive and well, composting at home and growing rooftop gardens on Greenpoint warehouses. If you’re more into buying your food than growing it, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld found a new Asian sandwich spot to try: Xie Xie in Hell’s Kitchen.