Daisy May’s Big Beef Rib Gets Big Upped

Photo: How Fresh Eats

Bon Appétit has named Fette Sau one of the country’s best new barbecue joints, and it isn’t the only local smoker winning praise. Last night, we ordered the gargantuan Oklahoma Jumbo Beef Rib at Daisy May’s (a favorite of How Fresh Eats, among others) and were told it’s being featured on tonight’s episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, the Food Network show that, during last week’s premiere, highlighted Balthazar’s French fries and the Red Cat’s tempura bacon. Film crews apparently spent two days at Daisy May’s. The counter guy told us the rib was a favorite of “that Iron Chef, Michael — I can never remember his last name” (Symon, presumably). The Syracuse location of Dinosaur also gets some play.