Four Seasons Chef Christian Albin Passes Away; Scam Artists Take Over Food Carts


• Christian Albin, the longtime executive chef of The Four Seasons, died on Saturday after learning just last week that he had cancer. [NYT]

• The city is cracking down on a group of scammers who are operating food carts and impersonating vendors who are either dead or have left the country. [NYP]

• Your love of burgers is contributing 1,000 pounds of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere every year. Try eating some strawberries to offset that. [Treehugger]

• Need a cheap foodie vacation? Head to the vineyards of the Hudson Valley and Long Island. [NYDN]

• Can three New Yorkers cook group dinners for $15 or less without making gross food? You be the judge. [NYDN]

• A garam masala hot dog wins the Curry Takedown. [Official site]