Burger Breakthrough: Spitzer’s Corner Now Serves Burgers Till 5 a.m.

Photo: Gavin Thomas

In addition to serving Sung Park’s menu till 2 a.m., Spitzer’s Corner is now doing itself one better on Fridays and Saturdays by offering a burger and shot deal from 2 a.m. till 5 a.m. That’s right, the self-declared gastropub is keeping its kitchen open past last call just to serve the one thing you really crave at this hour: a monstrous meat patty. Twelve dollars gets you a short-rib burger, fries, and a shot of Jameson (or soda if it’s after 4 a.m.). Plus, there’ll be a D.J. starting at midnight. Obviously Rush Hour (the neighborhood’s reigning late-night burger fix) is going to be sweating this one, especially since Spitzer’s plans to expand the deal to Thursdays if it takes off.