Bourbon Bar to Open Somewhere, Sometime


Does Char No. 4’s success mean the city is big enough for two bourbon bars? Gothamist posted a vague pre-pre-pre-plywood item over the weekend about One Barrel Bar, a bourbon-centric venue that may have a live-music tie-in and may have a hamburger menu curated by Great Burger Conquest’s Rev. Ciancio. We’re waiting to get some solid info from co-owner Marc Schapiro (who’s in the music industry), but the bar’s website says that One Barrel Bar is a “soon-to-be-open bar in the NYC area.” Well, that clears that up.

New Bar Will Feature City’s ‘Most Extensive Bourbon List’ [Gothamist]

Update! Marc Schapiro tells us more in an e-mail: He and his partners have a business plan and investors, but are still looking for just the right spot. “Our target areas are LES, East Village, Union Square, Gramercy and Hell’s Kitchen,” he says. As for burgers: “We want it to be a simple menu (like Black Iron Burger) since our main focus is going to be on the ‘bar’ part with bourbon, beer, and other libations. But our goal with the food portion is to have it be our hidden gem, with people saying ‘One Barrel Bar has an amazing bourbon selection, and an added bonus was the ridiculous burger I got there.’”