Bellini Battle: Via Dei Mille Gets Its Own Prosecco. Take That, Cipriani!


What do you do if you’re a scene-y but still-budding Italian spot looking to lure some Lambos away from that old warhorse, Cipriani, down the block? If you’re Via Dei Mille, you get your own prosecco, just like Cipriani has! Via Dei Mille Prosecco Extra Dry is made from 85 percent prosecco, 15 percent verdiso perdra, and bianchetta grapes from the Veneto region. A reservationist tells us that so far the house bubbly has been served mostly just to celebrities, but that’ll change after it launches next Wednesday. No word on how much a Bellini will now cost — ordinarily they’re $5. Oh, sorry, that’s only during happy hour. Yeah, ordinarily they’re $14.