Avenue A Gay Bars Replaced by Keg Service and Whiskey-Infused Rice Krispie Treats


We hear Esquire threw a preview party at the new Aureole last night. Meanwhile, the new-media set (think Gawker and Huffington Post editors) were breaking in a new bar in the former Boysroom space. According to Guest of a Guest, Destination has what one of the operators (they include owners of Paladar and Iggys Karaoke Bar) has already deemed a make-out corner, and there are Jell-O shots with gummy tequila worms and whiskey-infused Rice Krispie treats. Think thats a mess? Well, check out UrbanDaddys write-up of Superdive, now open where the gay-friendly Rapture Cafe used to be, a dozen blocks up on Avenue A: You can mix your own cocktail behind the bar if you like. There's no door policy anyone can come in. You can order a round of beers or a keg of beer, and a cocktail waitress will deliver the keg to your table in a rolling kegerator. The place is so friggin hetero, there are f*ck off seats where ladies can sit if they dont want to be hit on. Or they could just go to a gay bar.