Are You Ready to Fall in Love With Hawaiian Tropic Zone All Over Again?


However did we miss this? After taking some time off, the Hawaiian Tropic Zone has reopened in midtown, according to a tweet from a couple of weeks ago: “We re-open tomorrow!! Can you believe it?” No! We totally can’t! Despite the sexual-harassment lawsuits, the Zone’s new incarnation (located on the second floor; the ground floor is currently for rent) is trying hard to appeal to the ladies, with ten-cent drink nights and such. And for those who might worry that a breastaurant isn’t the classiest date choice, it’s not all about nipply tippling. There’s live jazz on Thursdays! Also: We love that the new menu (viewable on the HTZ’s site) suggests wine pairings. To go with the Tropic Zone fajitas: a strawberry margarita, natch. Oh, Hawaiian Tropic Zone. It’s so good to have you back.