Among the Jet Set: José Andrés Lusts for Ham and Matt Levine Makes It Rain


In addition to hitting Aspen this past weekend (see quick video hits with Leah Cohen, Mario Batali, Richard Blais, Tim Love, Jonathan Waxman, Ming Tsai, and José Andrés, who compares ham to sex), Plum TV was also in the Hamptons to check out the scene at the Georgica. They get an earful from a regular of eight years who not only couldn’t get in now that Matt Levine of the Eldridge is running the show, but who also got rained on when Levine retracted an awning keeping hopeful clubbers dry. Harsh! Before this could become a PR debacle of Lizzie Grubman/Conscience Point proportions, Levine told BlackBook that it was all for safety reasons, and that his staff was “umbrelling” people. Also, he says to feel free to e-mail — that way you can get soaked inside the place when you pay for a bottle. One question remains — how does one get out of the velvet-roped parking lot?