675 Bar Expands Menu, But We’re Still Stuck on the Ham-Wrapped Hot Pockets


675 Bar is adding a few items to the menu tonight fried oysters, meatballs, shrimp and potato pierogis, and ice-cream sandwiches. No, this isnt really newsworthy, but its a good excuse to finally take a look at two old menu items that weve been curious about ever since the place opened the prosciutto-wrapped hot pockets and the chocolate-covered bacon on a stick. As it turns out, the hot pockets are a far cry from Jim Gaffigans Hot Pockets. Theyre just lightly fried dough filled with melted Stracchino Crescenza. We dont know whether to be disappointed or relieved. Either way, it bears noting that 675 Bar isnt as much of a douchetination as you might assume during a recent spot check, it was blessedly low-key for a meatpacking Thursday, despite the Skynyrd-happy D.J.s efforts. The foosball room was empty, the TV was playing the National Geographic channel, and the bartender gave us a free first drink and a sorry, honey when we had to wait for her to mix cocktails. Steve Hanson really is embracing the customer!

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