Would You Hook Up With John DeLucie for a Reservation at the Waverly?

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Our reporter on the scene, Bennett Marcus, didn’t get to talk to Graydon Carter at last night’s party for The Hunger (apparently the “host” entered through the back door and left before a Patrick McMullan photographer could even photograph him), but he did speak with the man of the hour. Chef John DeLucie told him that he has opened the kitchen at 4 a.m. and cooked scrambled eggs with truffles by special request, but nothing else too crazy — though patrons in need of reservations have offered to “trade for various things, let’s just say.” Meaning sex? “Right. Yes,” DeLucie laughed. (Incidentally, someone posted an app on the chef’s Facebook page asking “Would You Hook Up With John DeLucie?”) So was it stressful to spend eighteen months writing and revising the book, every morning before work? “Yes, I was tearing my hair out,” DeLucie laughed again. “And I’ve gotten much grayer since the case, that’s for real.” Somehow we doubt that’ll stop his Facebook friends from wanting to hook up with him. See our Party Lines slideshow for more from the book launch.