Will Pinkberry Binges Be the New Häagen Dazs Binges?


Today in fro-yo press releases: Red Mango informs us that their product has been certified gluten-free, and Pinkberry reminds us that by the end of May, delivery will be available at all of its Manhattan stores from noon till 8 p.m. Really, this Swirls on Wheels thing is evil genius. Maybe we just have this stuff on the mind after reading about Bruni pounding pints of Hagen Dazs, but you gotta wonder will Manhattans lonely hearts, bummed at having no plans on a Friday night, now be littering dark corners of their apartments with empty Pinkberry cups? How long before we hear: Youll never believe it! I ordered all this green-tea fro-yo in order to meet the $10 delivery minimum and ate it all while watching a Degrassi High marathon. Sure, for plenty of people Pinkberry is a group activity (you know, the types who roll in ten deep and make you wait forever), but chances are thisll introduce the brand to a whole new customer the I dont want to be seen eating fro-yo because I dont want people to think Im worried about my weight type. Come to think of it, maybe Pinkberry should be the next food available via TiVo.