Where Governor Paterson Eats in Harlem

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Governor Paterson planned to have his birthday dinner last night at Mojo, a new Harlem restaurant that just opened last month. “A friend of mine said that it was a small restaurant — they just opened, so they don’t have many customers, so we’ll get a certain amount of privacy,” he told us at the El Museo Gala. (Maybe not. A Harlem blogger posted last month, “I went on what I thought would be an empty Tuesday night for dinner and the restaurant was full with a bar crowd as well.”) Paterson just wants to eat, but that doesn’t always happen. “On another day, we made reservations to eat somewhere and when we got there the owner hired a photographer to take pictures of me eating with all the guests. It totally frustrated me.” Ever the politician, Paterson wouldn’t I.D. the offending restaurant. “That’s a curse. But I bet you’ll never see me in there again.”