What Do Chefs Read?


Chefs flip through food magazines like the rest of us, and the New York Review of Magazines (a Columbia J-School publication) asked five locals about their favorites. Gramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony enjoys The Art of Eating because publisher “Ed Behr travels around the world, and you can live vicariously through his writing.” Double Crown’s Brad Farmerie is partial to Art Culinaire. And Pure Food and Wine’s Neal Harden learns “about the cultural role of food” through the Williams College–based publication Gastronomica. Only Harold Dieterle cuts through the artsy-fartsy musings. Not one to insult his maker, he says Top Chef–backing Food & Wine “runs the Aspen Classic, which in my opinion is the best food event in the country. It’s a yearly gathering of the most influential fold in the work of food and drink.” But you can’t read it, Harold.

Eater’s Digest [NYRM; select “The Tip-off,” then “Reader’s Digest”]