Which Restaurant Will Move Into Williamsburg’s Edge?

The Edge wanted a chain that wasn't too lame.
The Edge wanted a chain that wasn’t too lame. Photo: Therese-Heather Belen

Williamsburg’s massive waterfront development the Edge is still looking for a restaurateur to take on its restaurant space by winter, according to a broker for the project. The space may fall to a chain because of the high rent, but the developer is trying to secure one that’s not too offensive to indie types. Heartland Brewery was considered for the deal, but has “had a bad year.” Though not a chain, Southern Hospitality has also contemplated the location. Why not a Shake Shack? While a mobile Shack has been discussed for the waterfront park (!), Danny Meyer turned down the large, permanent space, the broker said. An unidentified (to non-buyers, anyway), large gourmet grocer will go into the ground-level retail space and could be a big competitor for nearby Tops. If you’re a buyer in the building and know more, tip us off!