Waters and Bourdain: The Great Hot-dog Debate


Here’s some great footage from that panel discussion between Alice Waters, Anthony Bourdain, and Duff Goldman. Waters sets Bourdain up for the kill when she says, “You can have the hot dog on the train, but you better ask them where you got the hot dog. I want to know that it’s a grass-fed beef hot dog. That’s what’s important. Where did the bun come from? Where did the flour come from?” And then Bourdain moves in: “Is it a good hot dog? That’s all I want to know … I don’t think the personal health and purity of my colon is that important compared to pleasure. As a chef, I’m not your dietitian or your ethicist. I’m in the pleasure business …. My responsibility is to give you the most delicious tomato that I can afford, given the circumstances, and maybe increase the likelihood that you get laid after dinner.” Waters: Not amused.