A Closer Look at Water Taxi Beach at South Street Seaport


We’ve shown you the dumping of the sand, and the smoothing over — now let’s take a look at the finished product. Here she is — the newest Water Taxi Beach. In addition to the menu items you’ve already seen, there’s what chef Harry Hawk is trumpeting as an authentic Baja-style fish taco (after a research trip to Ensanada, he settled on using canola oil instead of deep-frying his cod). The resident D.J.’s will be Melting Pot Global on Friday nights, Nicky Siano on Saturdays, and Turntables on the Hudson on Sundays. There’ll be food-focused events, too, including a “paella parade” featuring Spanish chefs. You’ll probably want to opt for beer here, but here’s an interesting development: The bar will also stock obscure sodas from all over the world. No word on whether Fizzy Bubblech (Zohan’s favorite) will make the cut.