Two Months in, Claudio Cristofoli Is Out at Scuderia

Photo: Melissa Hom

There’s an interesting tidbit about Da Silvano’s sister restaurant, Scuderia, hidden away in a PX This discussion about Hotel Griffou — “heard that they r replacing the chef.” Scuderia’s Leyla Marchetto confirms with us that opening chef Claudio Cristofoli is out of the picture, though she won’t yet reveal details about the future plan for the kitchen. This isn’t a huge shock, since Scuderia has gotten mixed reviews — Danyelle Freeman liked some dishes but also described the sandwich selection as a “gruesome discovery” before saying the gnocchi were “warm potato blobs in a tasteless butter-and-sage sauce” and the meatballs were “rock-hard.” Time Out’s Jay Cheshes, in granting three out of six stars, also described “culinary shortcomings” — like Freeman, he reserved his praise for the desserts. We’ll let you know who ends up filling Cristofoli’s shoes.