Two Is a Trend: Questionable Popcorn and Alcohol Mash-Ups


As if the 2,473-calorie popcorn at Yankee Stadium wasnt nauseating enough, get ready for Pub Corn, possibly the most dubiously named food marriage since the PickleSickle. So whats Pub Corn? Its probably not a snack craze thats sweeping the nation, as its site describes. But in any case, its popcorn, created by University of Missouri senior Cary Silverman, thats dusted with three flavors: beer, Irish cream, and pin colada. Thanks, but we like our alcohol to be alcoholic, so were going to opt for the popcorn cocktail that B.R. Guest mixologist Eben Klemm created for the Tribeca Film Festival. The Darkening Theater is made with popcorn-infused vodka and salted Coke syrup, and garnished with caramel popcorn.