Tom Colicchio Wants to Show You His Fancy Guitars


If you saw him rock out at last year’s Midnight Music and Munchies event at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, you know Tom Colicchio is a venerable axman. So how’d he master those Neil Young licks? Private lessons from Jefferson Airplane’s Jorma Kaukonen, according to an article in the premiere issue of Guitar Aficionado. The magazine is described as a glossy about rich baby-boomer celebs and their very expensive guitar collections — and none other than Don Colicchio, whose collection is valued at $45,000, is on the cover showing off a $5,000 Gretsch that’s identical to the one George Harrison played. Best part of the article, which unfortunately isn’t online (you’ll have to pick up a hard copy for Colicchio’s wine recommendations), is when Colicchio gets all Lloyd Betnsen about the matter of rock-star chefs: “Let me tell you — I know a few rock stars. I’ve been out with a few rock stars. And we are definitely not rock stars.” And now, below: Perhaps the greatest photo you will ever see.