Today in Lawsuits: Philippe, Purnima, and OpenTable

Purnima. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Eater reports that Philippe is being taken to court by a paper and design firm that claims it’s owed $46,777.28 (Philippe says the company botched a deadline and they’ll fight it in court). Meanwhile, Purnima, the midtowner that Gordon Ramsay resuscitated, is suing Mort Zuckerman for causing damage to its infrastructure (and for a subsequent vermin infestation) while building an office tower next door. Per the Observer, the suit claims vibrations were so bad that customers left, “never to return.” Finally, The Wall Street Journal reports that OpenTable, just days before its IPO, is being sued by a company that claims to hold a preexisting patent for a service just like it. To add insult to injury, the original owner of the patent had a way better name: