There’s More Than One Alinea Movie!

We’d heard unconfirmed rumors, but here it is straight from Achatz’s mouth. At last night’s Beard Awards, he ‘fessed up on the record to there being more than just the Alinea documentary in the works: “We have a feature film that we’re negotiating. So we’ll see what happens,” he said. And as for who could fill the role of the cancer-surviving uberchef? “Everybody tells me there’s two guys who look a lot like me. One of them was in ‘The Incredible Hulk’…Norton. Edward Norton! And who’s the other guy? Oh, oh, oh! Ethan Hawke!”

As long as we’re flinging around rumors, MenuPages Chicago has heard a couple of names attached to this up-until-now-alleged feature film. Let’s just say that if Variety runs something that has Achatz’s name right after the words Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, we won’t be terribly surprised. [Metromix]

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[Photo courtesy of the Culinary Institute of America. Just pretend the dude is holding an Oscar]


There’s More Than One Alinea Movie!