The Other Critics: Nopalito, Nopalito, and E & O

• Michael Bauer likes E & O Trading Co a lot more now that chef Arnold Eric Wong runs the place. He gives it two and a half stars all the way around. [SF Chronicle]

• Paul Reidinger likes Nopalito. Not as much as Michael Bauer, whose language posted on the website Reidinger calls, “a hyperbolic toot,” but it’s good, sure. [SFBG]

• L.E. Leone was not impressed with Mission Pie, for its portion sizes or quality. But she had a lot of fun at strikingly different parties over the weekend, so it’s cool. [SFBG]

• Whoa, do you suppose Meredith Brody and Paul Reidinger ran into each other at Nopalito? Maybe they went together. They both have reviews today, and both are, essentially, “pretty good.” [SF Weekly]