The KFC-Oprah Fustercluck: Day Two

Photo: Courtesy of KFC

As you probably noticed, our commenters blew up over Oprah’s free-chicken botch job, which riled up customers everywhere from Portchester, New York, to Greensboro, North Carolina, to, of course, midtown NYC (there was no rioting there, KFC insists). While some of our commenters thanked Oprah for the blessing (“if you don’t like it i think you should take everyone in the united states to red lobster or somewhere and then talk”), others chastised her for supporting KFC’s distributor, Tyson, “one of the most notorious animal cruelty violators in the industry.”

The Huffington Post points out that Oprah, having won a “Person of the Year” award from PETA, should’ve thought twice about this, and another blog wonders why PETA hasn’t spoken out. Meanwhile, while rumor has it that the promotion is threatening to drain KFC’s chicken inventory, the web folks at have added customer-service contacts to the coupon page. Still, with the download period now over, dozens and dozens of commenters continue to gripe that they couldn’t print the coupons. Our favorite comment: “Went to 3 chgoland KFC’s on list refused coupon. Went to Popeyes mgr took coupons gave us buy1 get1 mmm red beans & rice! No use 4 KFC!”