Supreme Court Overturns Revocation of Le Souk’s Liquor License

Photo: Yun Cee Ng

Remember that case Le Souk brought against the SLA after the agency revoked its liquor license? Down by the Hipster points out that the State Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Le Souk. Judges found that there wasn’t enough evidence to determine that the place was overcrowded when inspectors observed a “shoulder-to-shoulder” crowd in the basement in January of 2007. And even if there was enough evidence, that didn’t mean the owners had necessarily allowed the premises to become disorderly, as the SLA accused. One dissenting judge respectfully disagreed, saying that an inspector’s estimate of 300 partiers in the basement rather than the 61 permitted by the club’s Certificate of Occupancy was good enough for him. But that doesn’t matter — the SLA’s decision has been reversed. It’s uncertain how this will affect the club’s planned move to LaGuardia Street, but we’ll keep you posted.

Le Souk to Rise Again [Down by the Hipster]