Ron Perelman Doesn’t Think Jews Like Mexican Food That Much

Photo: Tina Paul/Camera Press/Retna

Ron Perelman, the billionaire co-owner of Monkey Bar, chats Beth Landman up about his latest dip into the restaurant waters — he’s reopening the beloved Blue Parrot in East Hampton with the help of Jon Bon Jovi and Renée Zellweger. The margaritas will sell for $9 and dishes will go from $6 to $27. Perelman, a Modern Orthodox Jew, says he doesn’t eat swordfish or sturgeon or caviar or fish grilled next to meat, but he will serve (“what are they called?”) quesadillas. After all, he says, “I don’t think Jews like Mexican food that much, but a lot of people are vegetarians.”

39 Minutes With Ron Perelman [NYM]