Cook-off, Bacon, and Stumptown Trends Converge in One Place

Photo: istockphoto

While Serious Eats ponders last night’s cupcake cook-off, where no less than three entrants baked Elvis cupcakes, we’re left to wonder which food is next to get the competition treatment? And the answer is: risotto! Jimmy’s No. 43, which serves a fine Greenmarket risotto, is inviting amateurs to try their luck on May 23 from 1 p.m. till 5 p.m. The $20 door charge goes toward Just Food. Also, please note that May 18 is Bacon Week at Jimmy’s. On May 23, Josh Ozersky will host a $35 bacon, beer, and chutney tasting. It remains to be seen whether Brooklyn Brewery’s Stumptown stout will be included in the pairing, but the excellent limited-edition brew is currently on tap at the bar.