Rising From the Ashes: Lovely Day and Totonno’s Could Reopen in July


A while back a disgruntled tipster told us that the tenants of Lovely Days building felt their landlord was being slow to repair damage after an October fire. We hear tenants actually brought a lawsuit against the landlord, but Lovely Days owner, Kazusa Jibiki, tells us thats finally been resolved and shes hoping that in the next days, the Department of Buildings will issue a permit giving workers access to the building (theres currently a vacate order slapped to the door). After that, itll take about four weeks for them to repair water damage, which means Lovely Day wont be open until late June at the earliest. Were losing so much money, Jibiki tells us. Delivery has been suspended since the restaurant moved out of a pop-up kitchen in April, but Jibiki still has a manager and a chef on payroll. Meanwhile, weve noticed that Ask a Waiter alum Eve Dunlop is now behind the coffee counter at Oro. Elsewhere in fire-recovery news, Lost City hears that Coney Islands Totonnos is aiming for mid-July after its own brush with fire.