Pâté or Dog Food? Most People Can’t Tell the Difference


Weve always thought scrapple tasted a bit like cat food (and were 100 percent okay with that), which is why were getting such a kick out of a new study mentioned in the Los Angeles Times. Eighteen volunteers were given an array of foods (duck-liver mousse, pork-liver pt, pured liverwurst, Spam, and Newman's Own dog food), and only three of the participants correctly I.D.d the dog food! Eight participants mistook the liverwurst for dog food, four thought it was the Spam, and an astonishing 72 percent mistook the dog food for pt. We hear that in the next study, scientists will ask people to distinguish between durian and a diaper thats been lying out in the sun all day.

The taste of dog food? It's harder than you think to identify [LAT]