Our Nomination for the Next Times Reviewer

Photo: Twitpic

Ladies and gentleman, we’ve found the man for the job. A customer who apparently had a less than satisfactory experience at Krunch Pizza Bar has penned what might be the best review ever, in the form of a fake homepage for the pizza joint, complete with a hilarious explanation from proprietor “Danny Gordon,” a convicted crystal-meth dealer, as to why he opened it. By this slanderous account (Krunch is not in fact owned by any such individual), Gordon wanted to come up with a pizza similar to what he was used to in prison, a process that entails mixing hot-dog drippings, dehydrated refried beans, “and whatever else we can get our hands on” in a trash bag filled with boiling water. Having never tried the pizza, we can’t tell you whether it’s really that bad, but the fake homepage is not to be missed.

You want a review of Krunch Pizza Bar [Twitpic]