Bruni Praises Minetta Tavern’s Meat; Table 8 Shows Skill


Frank Bruni awards three stars to Minetta Tavern, surprisingly naming it the best steakhouse in the city while praising its sophisticated appetizers and versatility. As for the fabled Black Label burger, its not love at first sight: Its without question a riveting experience, because burgers seldom pack the discernible tang and funk of aged beef. But for that same reason, its unsettling and arguably too intense. [NYT]

Danyelle Freeman visits Brooklyns Vutera, where she enjoys no-frills food like bavette steak, braised lamb shank, and poussin produced on electric stoves. [NYDN]
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Over at Smiths, Jay Cheshes is unimpressed by a kitchen too often falling just short of the mark, adding that the dishes seemed more appropriate to a dinner party in a Manhattan apartment than a restaurant helmed by a chef whos worked under Alain Ducasse. [TONY]

Nothing on the menu is revolutionary, declares Gael Greene of the apparently noisy Table 8. Still, she notes, mating of flavor and texture this skilled is rare and [t]he savvy and compassion of the pricing certainly helps. [Insatiable Critic]
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Despite its location in what must be Manhattans last characterless quarter, Mike Peed finds Bar Bretons menu packed with marvellous, intricately rendered things, popping with clever ingredients and fresh flavors. [NYer]

Robert Sietsema checks out El Almacn in Williamsburg, where the menu extends beyond Argentinean cuisine to include Mexican and Italian options. While most of the entres are good, you cant go wrong in making a meal of appetizers and side dishes. [VV]