Surprise! Grey Poupon Has Something to Say About This Obama/Dijon Thing

Photo: Getty Images

When Obama was criticized for the fact that he likes his burgers with Dijon mustard (something we’ve known since January), it was the latest in a series of food faux pas that included (gasp!) not knowing what a half-smoke is and (the horror!) maybe eating Spam rolls. Now Daily Intel reports that the inevitable has occurred — just like all the other companies that have exploited Barry’s name (Hennessy, Sixpoint, Terroir and Boqueria, etc., etc.), Grey Poupon has decided to stoke the publicity embers by sending a letter to Barack (like food types haven’t stuffed his mailbox enough?) demanding that he “pardon” lovers of Dijon. People, please — enough already! We’ll give Ray’s Candy Store a pass since it’s already serving one, but if a single publicist tells us their client has added a mustard-smeared “Barack burger” to the menu …

Grey Poupon Wants Obama to ‘Pardon’ Dijon Lovers [Daily Intel]