Surprise! Grey Poupon Has Something to Say About This Obama/Dijon Thing


When Obama was criticized for the fact that he likes his burgers with Dijon mustard (something weve known since January), it was the latest in a series of food faux pas that included (gasp!) not knowing what a half-smoke is and (the horror!) maybe eating Spam rolls. Now Daily Intel reports that the inevitable has occurred just like all the other companies that have exploited Barrys name (Hennessy, Sixpoint, Terroir and Boqueria, etc., etc.), Grey Poupon has decided to stoke the publicity embers by sending a letter to Barack (like food types havent stuffed his mailbox enough?) demanding that he pardon lovers of Dijon. People, please enough already! Well give Rays Candy Store a pass since its already serving one, but if a single publicist tells us their client has added a mustard-smeared Barack burger to the menu

Grey Poupon Wants Obama to Pardon Dijon Lovers [Daily Intel]