Moco Global Dining Ends Its Murray Hill Experiment Reopens

Photo: Courtesy of Moco Global Dining

One of 2008’s quirkier newcomers, Moco Global Dining, has closed after a little over a year in business, meaning that if you’ve never tried “misostrone” (you know, miso minestrone?), you never will. The fusion restaurant had been trying to hook customers with a $25 all-you-can-eat deal, among other things, but one Yelper might have foreseen it: “If Gordon Ramsay ever does an episode of Kitchen Nightmares in New York, this should be his first stop.” Now that the establishment is closed, we have to wonder why the chef (who worked in the kitchen at El Bulli, so should know this) would allow it to be called Moco, which translates to “booger” in Spanish.

Update: The venue has reopened!