Mickey Rourke Only Goes to Four Restaurants

Leaving Nello's.

While the bulk of the glitterati was either at the Beards or at the Met gala last night, Mickey Rourke held court at Beast, outlasting Nas, Q-Tip, Eric Goode, Ed Norton, and a couple dozen others grooving to soul tunes at a low-key party thrown by model Manon Von Gerkan. Around 3:30 a.m., we invited him to do a New York Diet during the two weeks he’s in town doing reshoots for 13, and he told us, “That’s easy — I only eat at four places: Nello’s, Cipriani, this Italian place in the West Village called Gaetana’s, and Waverly.” Don’t expect to see him pounding beers with the firemen at Gaetana’s anytime soon, though — before filming Iron Man 2, Rourke has to lose the 30 pounds he gained for The Wrestler, and his trainer (an ex-Israeli secret-service agent) is only letting him out once a week. His “secret” is to lose ten pounds and then, when he plateaus, to rejigger his diet to lose the next ten. Hey, if it works for the Ram …