Mickey Rourke Only Goes to Four Restaurants

Leaving Nello's.
Leaving Nello’s. Photo: Getty Images

While the bulk of the glitterati was either at the Beards or at the Met gala last night, Mickey Rourke held court at Beast, outlasting Nas, Q-Tip, Eric Goode, Ed Norton, and a couple dozen others grooving to soul tunes at a low-key party thrown by model Manon Von Gerkan. Around 3:30 a.m., we invited him to do a New York Diet during the two weeks he’s in town doing reshoots for 13, and he told us, “That’s easy — I only eat at four places: Nello’s, Cipriani, this Italian place in the West Village called Gaetana’s, and Waverly.” Don’t expect to see him pounding beers with the firemen at Gaetana’s anytime soon, though — before filming Iron Man 2, Rourke has to lose the 30 pounds he gained for The Wrestler, and his trainer (an ex-Israeli secret-service agent) is only letting him out once a week. His “secret” is to lose ten pounds and then, when he plateaus, to rejigger his diet to lose the next ten. Hey, if it works for the Ram …