Madre de Dios! Ancient Mexican Elixir Is Located in Williamsburg

Photo: Serious Eats

A while back, after an episode of No Reservations featured the fermented maguey-nectar drink pulque, we said we’d buy a drink for the reader who could tell us where to score it locally. Major props to Nina Lalli for finding a can of the stuff in a Williamsburg bodega. The good news is, a distributor is working with Aldea’s mixologist, Ted Henwood, to legalize its distribution in New York. The bad news is, when we called, the bodega (Mexico 2000 at Broadway near Keap) told us it’s out of the stuff. Maybe that’s for the best, since Lalli describes its taste as “slightly funky, with the edge of pear past its prime” … but then why are our fists clenched in envy and despair?

Finding Pulque, the Ancient Mexican Drink, in Williamsburg [Serious Eats NY]
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