L’Asso Unleashes Stumptown, Di Fara Tribute Slice

Photo: Joel Barhamand

As promised, L’asso has installed its Stumptown program and is currently selling cups for $2 to stay in (with unlimited refills) and $1 to go (plus, twelve-ounce bags of Hair Bender for $10 and Ethiopia Mordecofe for $12). But there’s more: On Mondays the pizzeria is serving a slice they call the “the Big D,” since it’s inspired by Dom De Marco of Di Fara. It consists of regular mozzarella, mozzarella di bufala, and grated Parmesan with tomato and basil. Of course, a pizzeria naming a slice after De Marco is sort of like a dancer naming one of his pirouettes “the Baryshnikov” — we’ll see how this goes down with the pizza bloggers.

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